what makes Accurate
Forming Different

When you partner with the Accurate Forming team, you are working with a group of skilled engineers with years of experience in the metal stamping industry. You can expect their support from initial conceptualization to the final product.

We involve engineers from the beginning of the project to minimize error and ensure your products are manufactured in the most cost-effective, timely manner. Our team uses SolidWorks™ to ensure we create designs that meet even the most demanding applications.

Custom Deep Drawn Parts

Efficient Project Management

Accurate Forming customers can have peace of mind knowing their projects are being handled by an organized team. Unlike other draw houses, we act as the lead vendor in providing quality in-house processes and managing outside vendors involved in developing your desired part.
With our team’s attention to detail, you will enjoy a one-stop shopping experience that:
  • Reduces costs
  • Controls quality
  • Saves time
  • Delivers the product on time
    and wIthin specification

Accurate forming performs
Longer, Deeper Draws

Accurate Forming can produce more complex parts than many others in the metal stamping industry. Our machines have been modified in-house, expanding our capabilities beyond the standard press to handle longer, deeper draws.
Deep Draw Parts