Why you need metal polishing

Polishing is a necessary pre-treatment for other operations such as powder coating and plating. Oxide and dust can be removed from the metal, providing a nice, smooth surface to coat. The polishing process can also be applied as a single decorative process providing a mirror finish.
Why You Need Metal Polishing


Metal polishing enhances the appearance of the part by removing contamination, oxidation, corrosion, and surface blemishes.  Once polished, a mirror like finish is produced that can be protected with a clear coat, color finish, or nickel/chrome plating.  The finished product will be resistant to further corrosion, be aesthetically appealing, and have increased durability.

custom metal finishing

In-house capabilities

Other finishing services including,
but not limited to:
  • Heat Treating 
  • Anodizing 
  • Burnishing 
  • Four Color Lithography 
  • Surface Detailing
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