Why you need to have applied lacquer

Accurate Forming uses an automated electrostatically applied lacquer line that utilizes an automated chain on edge system. The part size capacity for this line is 2” in diameter by 5” in height.


Electrostatic lacquer provides some great benefits to your project. Not only is it decorative, we also offer color matching. It is a protective, usually clear coating, that protects the bare surface of the component or as an added layer of protection on top of another finish, such as powder coating.

Since the electrostatic process is highly efficient, it results in a lower cost than other lacquer coating technologies.

custom metal finishing

In-house capabilities

Other finishing services including,
but not limited to:
  • Heat Treating 
  • Anodizing 
  • Burnishing 
  • Four Color Lithography 
  • Surface Detailing

Accurate Forming's Seamless Process