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4 Support Qualities You Should Look for in a Deep Drawn Company

Posted by Rachel Daugherty on Feb 17, 2015 2:09:00 PM

When it comes to choosing the right deep drawn metal stamping company for your next project, one of the most important factors to consider is the quality of the support that the company provides. From the first contact to the final review, a good deep drawn company will provide top quality support and service.


There are a few major types of deep drawn support that customers should always expect from their suppliers.

Customer Service

These folks are the front line of any good business. They set the tone and are critical in providing a good first impression. They know what information will be needed, and where to direct the customer to get the project rolling. Often an overlooked role, a good customer service agent can make or break the customer’s opinion of the company.

Sales Support

These are the people who know the products inside and out. They provide initial direction to the new customer, as well as on-going support as the project is underway. Often, a customer may know what they want from a product, but not know quite how to get there. Any good sales staff has the experience and knowledge to help choose the best product for any application.

Engineering Support

The engineering team has the wealth of knowledge required to transform concept to creation. They know what the process can and cannot do. From initial concept to the final design review, the engineering team offers technical deep drawn support and answers any questions the customer might have about the product.

Project Management

These are the people who put it all together. They are the customer’s direct line of support, and take personal responsibility to make sure the project is completed right the first time. A good Project Manager is focused on the big picture. Cost, design, timeline and delivery are all managed and communicated to the customer from the first call to final inspection.

Any good deep drawn stamping supplier will have members on staff that fill these roles and provide all the support needed to make the customers project a success, time and time again. If you aren’t sure whether your supplier does…ask!

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