Metal Name Stamping

Fully customize or itemize your deep drawn product by adding unique stamped symbols or names.

Accurate Forming provides customers the ability to have various names or symbols stamped indelibly into the surface of the completed deep drawn part. Using standard or customized metal stamping dies, the team at Accurate Forming provides value adding name stamping while eliminating the risk of damaged or deformed parts due to inexperienced secondary stamping operations.

Why Add Name Stamping?

Stamping names or symbols into the surface of the finished deep drawn product can prove a highly valuable addition to any project by providing unique and individual identification of parts by number or SKU, company logos, trade names, or just about any other symbol imaginable. Accurate Forming will provide whatever marking is required to meet the customer specifications.

From a marketing perspective adding your company or brand name to a product dramatically increases brand recognition, develops better customer loyalty, and prevents other aftermarket companies from counterfeiting your product. Let your valued customer know they are getting only trusted OEM parts by adding permanent part identification.

Other possibilities include important safety information such as “Flammable” or installation instruction such as “This End Up”.

Why Accurate Forming?

The team at Accurate Forming has the experience to assist in any product design decision. From initial design to final customization, Accurate Forming is the one-stop shop for deep drawn stamping services.

Below are examples of deep drawn product that Accurate Forming has added this type of stamping to.

Name StampingMetal Stamping