Deep Drawn Marker Pen Components

Hardly anyone gives a thought to how the outer casing of a marker pen is made, but without deep drawing processes the cost of marker pens would be much higher.

Accurate Forming is a custom manufacturer of deep drawn marker pen components, specializing in products that are long, of small diameter, and manufactured to exacting tolerances. Based in New Jersey, Accurate Forming's American designed and manufactured products are used all over the world.

Accurate Forming has the ability to deep draw in aluminum, brass, stainless steel, cold rolled steel, and copper to the most exacting requirements, and their products are famed for their high-quality finishes. These include high quality cosmetic finishes that can be painted, polished, powder coated, plated, lacquered, or printed to suit customer requirements.

Accurate Forming deep drawn marker pen components are used in the manufacturing of high quality ink marker pens. They are also used in the production of tough and durable weld temperature indicator marker pens, which are able to withstand the arduous conditions of factory and manufacturing environments. In addition Accurate Forming produces components for high-quality, long-lasting, industrial paint markers as well as for low-cost, high-volume marker pens.

Our manufacturing processes ensure components meet customers' rigorous tolerances. If required, components can be finished off to final specifications for further assembly, avoiding the need for further processing. Accurate Forming has the capacity and ability to offer customers a one-stop turnkey solution.

Accurate Forming  is proud of their ability to deep draw parts to very long lengths, maintain small diameters, and produce components with different material thicknesses. Parts can be produced with a final material thickness of as little as five-thousandths of an inch or as much as 0.04 inches. Maximum deep drawn lengths reach 5.44 inches at a diameter of 0.4 inches.

Providing You a Turnkey Product Saves you Time and Money!

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