Deep Drawn Engineering Support

Accurate Forming's experienced Engineering Team is available to our customers from the conceptual or design stage. This early involvement enables us to manufacture their products in the most cost effective manner possible. Our team uses Solid Works® and Auto Cad® to ensure precise designs that meet our customers' most demanding applications.

Project Management

Accurate Forming's Customer Service Team distinguishes itself from other draw houses. In complex projects, Accurate Forming assumes responsibility as the lead vendor providing quality in-house processes and managing outside vendors to achieve the desired part. Accurate Forming's customers take comfort in knowing that our proficiency and attention to detail can provide a one-stop shopping experience that reduces costs, controls quality, saves time, and delivers their product on time and within specification.

Reverse Engineering from Machined Component to Deep Drawn Component

Engineering SupportAccurate Forming has a history of successfully transitioning from a machined component to a deep drawn component. This process typically results in significant cost reduction and shortened lead-times. Our knowledgeable design / engineering staff works with you to design your part for deep draw, potentially reducing your purchasing costs by as much as 3 times. Precise attention to detail regarding radius, angles, trimmed ends and overall tolerances will provide an easy transition from a machined component to a deep drawn component.