Deep Drawn Rapid Prototyping Services

Accurate Forming is very proud to offer unique rapid prototyping to our valued deep drawn customers. Using this innovative technology, proof of concept and function is now possible without the cost and complexity of creating actual production tooling.

What is Rapid Prototyping?

Developed during the 1980’s, the Rapid Prototype process allows the construction of 3D models using a specialized printer and material known as “additive layer manufacturing”. Geometric data is provided by the 3D modeling software such as Solidworks®, and the unique printer creates a model one thin slice at a time.   

The Rapid Prototype process works in conjunction with our Solidworks®, AutoCAD® systems, and ability to utilize CNC machining to create actual 3D models quickly and accurately, without the need of any additional machining or production costs.

Why Rapid Prototype?

This breakthrough technology allows product designers to see, hold, and measure new concepts without using the actual process machine. This saves time and money, and allows both the design team and the customer to accurately validate the product for function, adherence to specification, and feasibility.

Why Accurate Forming?

Already one of the premier suppliers of deep drawn parts and services, the application of Rapid Prototype technology allows the experienced team at Accurate Forming to develop and validate new concepts and techniques quickly and without additional tooling or costs. Ideas that were once only pixels on a screen can now be measured and evaluated in real world 3D.

If a picture is worth one thousand words, imagine what a 3D physical model can do.