High Performance Powder Coating

Add unique style and increased durability to any deep drawn part by including high performance powder coating in the product specifications.

Accurate Forming has the ability to provide a high quality powder coating to any product with dimensions less than three inches diameter and six inches high. This electrostatically applied coating lasts significantly longer than normal paint, dramatically reduces wear and corrosion, and adds a clean, custom look to any deep drawn product.

How Electrostatic Coating Works

Powder coating is first electrostatically applied to the part as a free-flowing dry powder that, unlike conventional painting methods, requires no solvents in the process. Once applied, the high performance powder coating is cured under heat to allow the material to flow evenly and adhere permanently to the surface of the part. The end result is a coating that forms an ionic bond with the material that is difficult to remove, even under aggressive conditions.

Accurate Forming uses a fully automated dual booth powder coating system complete with an automated conveyor system. This hands-off process guarantees a quality finish with minimal operator intervention, making the powder coating process low cost and high value.

Why Powder Coating

Besides the increased durability and professional appearance, the benefits of the high performance powder coating system to the environment are significant. Electrostatic processes are capable of recovering up to 95% of over-spray, making this one of the cleanest methods of coating. This greatly reduced overspray also means less cost and a more evenly applied coating.

Whether the design calls for a standard color or custom, Accurate Forming has the right equipment, the right experience, at the right price.

Below are pictures of medical parts that have been powder coated.

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