About Accurate Forming

Accurate Forming was established in 1955 and is recognized as a leader in the art and science of deep-draw metal forming. Our quality and engineering systems reflect the state of the art for efficiency, continuous improvement and craftsmanship. By applying our expertise in metallurgy and manufacturing systems, we have extended our offerings to include cost reduction engineering services, high speed metal stamping and automation systems for secondary and assembly operations.

Accurate Forming’s finishes are sought after for their unique aesthetic appearance, consistent quality and durability. We are a leading supplier to OEM’s in the automotive, medical, ordnance, marker tube, premium writing instruments, laser, aerospace and industrial markets.

Accurate Forming’s additional in-house capabilities include engineering design and tool-making. Secondary process operations are offered such as deburring, polishing/buffing, nickel & chrome plating, high performance powder coating, electrostatically applied lacquer, thread rolling, piercing, notching and assembly.

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 All of these operations take place in our ISO 9001:2008 certified 70,000 square foot manufacturing facility.


– North and South America
– Europe
– Asia


Why choose Accurate Forming?

Accurate Forming’s customer service team distinguishes itself from other deep draw houses. In complex projects, Accurate Forming is capable of assuming total responsibility as the lead vendor to provide quality in-house processes as well as managing outside vendors to achieve the desired part in a timely fashion and within budget. Accurate Forming’s customers take comfort in knowing that our proficiency and attention to detail can provide a one-stop shopping experience that reduces costs, improves quality and tracks and delivers their product on time and within specification.