AF Superior Forming

Deep Drawn Metal ServicesAccurate Forming supplies complex deep drawn components using transfer press technology as well as stamped metal parts using both progressive and compound tooling.  Value added operations such as in-house polishing, nickel & chrome plating, high performance powder coating in a large variety of colors and electrostatically applied lacquer, notching, slotting, thread rolling and assembly are offered.


AF Quality Finishing

industries4We offer unique finishing for premium writing instruments and medical instruments as well as for automotive, ordnance, marker pens, and aerospace.

Our fully automated chrome and nickel line creates a very high gloss and creates an extremely durable finish. Other finishes available are buffing/polishing, deburring, high performance powder coatings with many color options and electrostatically applied lacquer.


Value Added Operations

Accurate Forming offers a variety of value added operation in conjunction with it's primary services including:

 The Deep Drawn Dilemma